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The Legendary Reverend Dr. Mack King Carter, a preacher par excellence and Pastor Emeritus of the New Mount Olive Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, FL died Wednesday, October 3, 2013. He was 66 years old. Dr. Mack King Carter distinguished himself as a peculiar, prophetic, and profound preacher of the Gospel. His extraordinary exegetical gift and masterful expertise in homiletics and hermeneutics earned him the title “The Pastor’s Pastor”.    


He had a brilliant mind. He wrote several books to include “Interpreting the Will of God.”  His commentary on the four arguments for the existence of God would earn you an easy A as a seminary research paper.  He was a strong advocate for taking the Gospel from the pulpit to the pavement.  In 1994 he founded the Mount Olive Development Corporation (MODCO), a faith-based community development corporation designed to provide social services, affordable housing and entrepreneurial opportunities for low-income families. In 2001, I was privileged to be hired full-time by Dr. Carter to serve as the President/CEO of MODCO.  MODCO has received numerous awards for serving the least, the lost, and the left out.  In 2010, MODCO completed the construction of the Dr. Mack King Carter Enrichment Center located on the Sistrunk Corridor in the Heart of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  

Dr. Carter loved preaching.  I am eternally grateful for every hour he spent teaching me how to develop and deliver a sermon. The memoirs of the hundreds of people waiting in line to shake his hand after he lectured at the National Conventions are priceless.  The long biblical expositions and his life stories that he shared will forever remain in my heart. I will never forget the extended series on Psalm 137 that lasted for a multiplicity of months.  I thought we would never stop weeping by the rivers of Babylon, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  


Dr. Mack King Carter’s living was not in vain. Dr. Carter had a tremendous impact on my life. He was a good man.  He will forever be one of the world’s most influential Christian Pastors of all time.  
I am deliciously proud to be the “daughter” in the ministry of the late Reverend Dr. Mack King Carter.  To God Be The Glory!


Reverend Dr. Rosalind V. Osgood

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